2020: Reframing Recycling

The goal of “Reframing Recycling” is to share the message of recycling only what can be transformed into new products.  Therefore, to make recycling successful, we only place materials in our home recycling carts that can be transformed.

ReWorks asked local photographers to showcase how they transform an ordinary recyclable object into a work of art.  They were each given one recyclable and were tasked with photographing it in three ways:  as is – no changes to the object, the object in a state of change, and the final - transformed image.

Reframing Recycling Artists

Each recyclable has a short video that showcases its photographic transformation in "Reframing Recycling" as well as the artist's thought process.  This link goes to ReWorks' Youtube channel where you can access each of the videos.

The contributing artists for Reframing Recycling:

Joan Colbert - Plastic Bottles and Jugs

Kathleen D. Gallagher - Cardboard

Bradley Hart - Metal Food and Beverage Cans

J. Scott Matthews - Cartons

Ilenia Pezzaniti - Paper

The following categories of recyclables that belong in home recycling carts are the basis of the artists' work.

  1. Plastic Bottles/Jugs
  2. Metal Food/Bev Cans
  3. Paper
  4. Cardboard
  5. Cartons