2015: Make Art Not Waste

After a home painting project, many residents find that they have leftover paint. The Make Art Not Waste project challenged artists to take leftover paint of various colors and finishes (but all latex) and to create a work of art. 

The goal of this project was to help share the message about first reducing the amount of paint that is purchased for projects and then finding ways to reuse (or share with others) the leftover paint.

2015 Participating Artists

  • Miriam Daniel
  • Patrick Dougherty with Jenny Wang and Kalia Horner
  • Maggie Duff
  • Stephen Goold
  • Bernadette Houk
  • Jeremy Jenkins
  • Bill Lynn
  • Claire Marks
  • Lindsey Jo Scott
  • Fran Ugalde
  • Laurel Winters
  • Bree Young