How to Include Composting at Community Gardens

In an effort to divert non-edible food waste from local landfills, ReWorks is working towards connecting generators of food waste to community gardens to facilitate and to promote composting; food waste examples (excluding meat) include:

  • Coffee grounds
  • Egg shells
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables, etc.

This is one small, but potentially impactful, way we can divert material from landfills while encouraging environmentally sound composting and improving soil quality within community gardens.

Looking to Create Food Scrap Source?

If you are a local community garden looking to create a food scrap source to add to your existing compost system, ReWorks can help. Please contact ReWorks by calling 330-374-0383 and we will work with you to find sources for compostable materials (coffee grounds, juice bars, etc.) to add to your compost bins.

Looking for Composters?

If you are looking for residents and neighbors to use your community garden's compost pile as a food waste drop off, check out the Institute for Local Self-Reliance Community Composters page.