ReWorks Recycling Days

Do Your Part Beyond the Cart

ReWorks, the solid waste management authority for Summit County, is hosting a 6-day event to collect hard-to-recycle materials that require special handling. 

This event is available to Summit County residents and businesses ONLY. 


  • April 25th - April 27th from 1pm - 6pm  
  • May 2nd - May 4th from 1pm - 6pm


ReWorks 1201 Graham Road in Stow, at the Route 8 Overpass.  

Accepted Materials:

  • Glass Bottles and Jars                                                                                                                                                                               
    • Beverage bottles, food jars, candle jars, fragrance bottles
    •  Transport in cardboard boxes (preferred)
  • Cooking Oil (Liquid Only)
    • No containers larger than 5 gallons
    • Limit 15 gallons per vehicle
  • Campaign Signs                                                            
    • Corrugated Plastic Signs
    • Film Plastic Signs
    • Paperboard Signs  
    • Metal Stakes and Frame
    •  Instructions - Metal grommets removed (preferred) - No string, rope or plastic ties.    
  • String Lights (No LED strips)
  • Televisions and Electronic Devices
    • Flat Screen TVs and CRT (Tube) TVs (Limit 2 TVs per household) 
      • No projection, console TVs or CRT computer monitors will be accepted
    • Laptops
    • Cell Phones
    • Tablets
    • VCR/DVD Players
    • Game Consoles/Accessories

To register for TVs or other electronic devices:


What Happens to the Materials Collected at ReWorks Recycling Days?

  • Glass Bottles & Jars
    • The properties of glass allow it to be infinitely recyclable.  However, there are challenges to recycling glass bottles and jars collected in home recycling carts and sorted at a material recovery facility (MRF).  Not only does glass being sorted at a MRF become abrasive and damaging to MRF equipment, but also MRF glass is contaminated with other materials and often requires a secondary processor to remove the contamination for it to be made into a marketable glass cutlet. The feasibility of recycling MRF glass can be cost prohibitive due to several factors including limited availability of secondary glass cleaning processors. 
    • Glass bottles and jars collected at ReWorks Recycling Days do not go to a MRF.   It is collected by Repeat Glass then transported directly to a facility that recycles glass only.
  • Cooking Oil
    • Cooking oil collected at ReWorks Recycling Days is processed by Otto By Products Inc. into animal feed ingredients, alternative fuels and soaps.
  • Campaign Signs
    • Campaign signs collected at ReWorks Recycling Days are recycled by Legacy Polymer or Northcoast Recycling Specialists. Coroplast signs are ground into plastic pellets for re-use in other plastic materials.  Film plastic signs are recycled into products used by the automotive industry & paperboard signs are recycled into other fiber-based products.  Metal frames from signs are recycled at City Scrap & Salvage, a local scrap metal recycler.  
  • String Lights 
    • String Lights collected at ReWorks Recycling Days are recycled by City Scrap & Salvage, a local scrap metal recycler.
  • Televisions and Electronic Devices
    • Televisions and electronic devices collected at ReWorks Recycling Days are managed through GreenBoard IT LLC,  a R2V3 certified electronics recycler.

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