1 - As a reminder, never put batteries of any type into your home's curbside recycling cart. 

2 - Also, do NOT collect batteries from others. This can be from friends, neighbors, or any organization you are affiliated with (schools, businesses, faith-based, etc.) A main concern is safety – yours!   Know the options available for proper handling/disposal.

U.S. EPA Guidance on Used Household Batteries:

For details, please click here to read more about used batteries.

This table shares a brief overview of battery recycling best practices. ReWorks' Household Hazardous Waste Collection is for Summit County residents and specifically materials generated from their homes only. Details about each type of battery are found after this table.

*To utilize ReWorks' HHW Collections, you must be a Summit County resident and the batteries you bring must come from your own home's use.

Battery TypeReWorks' HHW CollectionOther Options
Single Use - AlkalineYes*Trash
Single Use - Lithium PrimaryYes*
Call to Recycle**
Rechargeable  - (Ni-Cd), 
(Li-ion), (Ni-MH), (Ni-Zn)
Battery+ **
Call to Recycle**
Embedded -  Rechargeable and/or single useYes*
Car - Lead AcidYes*
Scrap Metal Dealer

** Scroll down to see "Other Battery Recycling Option(s)"

ReWorks' Battery Recycling Option(s) for Summit County Residents 

Embedded Batteries

Often times devices have embedded batteries that cannot be removed without damage to the device. These embedded batteries can be rechargeable or single use.

If your device is designed to have the battery removed, only bring the battery to ReWorks' HHW Collection.

If your device has an embedded battery which cannot be removed without damaging the device, do not attempt to remove the battery, bring the device intact to the HHWRC.

Some examples include:  electronic toothbrushes, hand-held vacuums, calculators, electronic cigarettes, and toys. 

Other Battery Collection Option(s) 

ReWorks is aware of other options for some types of batteries. Batteries Plus  and Call2Recycle are businesses with options for recycling certain types of batteries.

Contact them directly first before bringing your batteries to them. ReWorks strongly suggests that residents contact vendors directly for references, acceptable materials, hours of operations and fees.