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Office Paper

Office Paper

Yes, Office Paper will be accepted in curbside single stream recycling programs, and at community single stream recycling drop-off locations.

If your community does not offer curbside pick-up, a list of community single stream recycling drop-off locations can be found here.

NOTE: Shredded Paper is not accepted in curbside recycling programs. Once you shred your personal documents, it shortens the fibers and the recycling facilities have difficulty capturing the small fibers for recycling.  It is better to take advantage of ReWorks’ FREE Document Shredding and Recycling Events where all of your important papers will be shredded on site and then properly recycled.

Other options for document shredding and recycling:

River Valley Paper Company   -   330.535.1001

Shred It   -   888.750.6450

Akron Recycling Program
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The City of Akron offers residential curbside single stream recycling, and yard waste collection during the fall.

Phone: Dial 3-1-1 or call 330-375-2311

Looking for a recycling center near you? Check out our Recycling Center Drop-Off map.