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Keep It Out of the Cart - Art

Project Updates:

Opening Reception - Free and Open to the Public

Friday, May 3, 2019 from 3 to 6 p.m.

Location:  Summit County Public Health (SCPH) - 1867 W. Market St, Akron, OH 44313

Directions:  SCPH is behind the Acme #1 store.  The entrance for SCPH is the first driveway west of the parking lot for the Acme grocery store as you drive west on W. Market Street.  You will pass over railroad tracks on the driveway before you get to the SCPH parking lot.

Project Background

Have you ever wondered, “can I recycle this?” or “this should be recycled.”

You are not alone.

What can happen when people reflect on those questions, is that the material being pondered upon goes into the recycling cart – regardless if it can be recycled or not. However, placing items in your curbside recycling cart that don’t belong harms recycling. Those items become contaminates for recyclables and ultimately end up going to the landfill.

Contamination is a real problem at our recycling facilities.

  1. It is costly to sort the contamination out from the rest of the recycling.
  2. Contamination travels from the recycling facility to a landfill. The impact of ultimately transporting garbage twice is both financially and environmentally costly.
  3. If contamination isn’t caught and accidentally gets included in another material, it can impact the sale and re-use of the other material. New guidelines have less than 0.5% contamination allowed per bale of recycled material. Buyers can reject bales containing more than this amount.

Keep in mind: plastic bottles and jugs, flattened cardboard, paper, metal food/beverage cans and cartons – are the only items to include in curbside recycling.

Project description:

“Keep It Out of the Cart - Art” is a project asking artists to take materials that have unfortunately made their way into our recycling stream and create a piece of art to bring awareness to those materials that do not belong in curbside recycling.

The work will be part of a traveling exhibition that will be held at different libraries throughout Summit County.

Artists will be given a mystery box of contamination that was removed from our local recycling facility and asked to create a piece (or pieces) of art. The artist is free to utilize and to interpret the materials as he or she sees fit.  Additionally, artists will be provided time to work on their projects at the Akron Makerspace.

The materials will be weighed before and after the art is created. We ask that artists keep to the spirit of the project by only using the provided materials. (i.e. no other materials are to be added.) Though it is permissible to weld or glue parts together.

The finished work should be able to be displayed on a pedestal with a height of 40 inches and a top surface of 11.25 by 11.25 inches. How the work is presented on the display is up to the artist. (i.e. it could be a sculpture that sits, a piece that is draped, a tall piece could be clamped to the pedestal & a work could be hung, etc.)

Artists will be given four weeks to complete the project and are also required to be at the opening reception. A stipend of $250 per artist is provided.

Link to Application

To access the application, please visit here.

Project Dates

o Applications from artists due: March, 8, 2019
o Artists selected: March 13, 2019
o Finished art due: April 23, 2019
o Opening of Exhibition: May 3, 2019
o May through October, 2019: art displayed at various Summit County libraries

Previous Projects

To help spread the message about how to "reduce, reuse, and recycle," ReWorks has worked with artists on other projects as well. 

Make Art Not Waste

Make Art Not Waste

After a home patinting project,  many residents find that they have leftover paint.  This project asked artists to take leftover paint - various colors, finishes - but all latex and to create a work of art.  The goal of this project was to help share the message about first reducing the amount of paint that is purchased for projects and then finding ways to reuse (or share with others) the leftover paint. 

ReWorks appreciates the efforts and creativity that these participating artists contributed to the project.

  • Miriam Daniel (work referenced above)
  • Patrick Dougherty with Jenny Wang and Kalia Horner
  • Maggie Duff
  • Stephen Goold
  • Bernadette Houk
  • Jeremy Jenkins
  • Bill Lynn
  • Claire Marks
  • Lindsey Jo Scott
  • Fran Ugalde
  • Laurel Winters
  • Bree Young

To see the work created, please visit here.

Upcycle Art Project

Upcycle Art Project

This project challenged artists to take materials that were no longer in use and give them a second life and new function as a piece of art.

Selected artists had access to materials at Goodwill Industries of Akron's Outlet Store and space at Summit Artspace to create a work of art using materials that would have otherwise been landfilled. By supporting artists who worked with recycled materials, ReWorks hoped to encourage people to reduce, reuse, and recycle materials and promote new ways of thinking about art and the environment.

ReWorks appreciates the efforts and creativity that these participating artists contributed to the project.

  • Nikki Bartel
  • Bianca Covert
  • Pamela Z. Daum
  • Sarah Gott
  • Shannon L. Hines
  • Terry Klausman
  • Stephen Kurlich
  • Lowery D. Lockard
  • Mac Love
  • Norman Mallard
  • Shani Richards
  • Kevin Smalley (work referenced above)
  • Amanda Stumpf
  • John Whatley
  • Kai Wick

To see the work created, please visit here.

Thank you for taking the time to review these artists work and we hope that you apply for this art project. 

For the 2019 Keep It Out of the Cart - Art Application, please click here.

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