Programs for Businesses & Institutions

Programs include single stream recycling — including outdoor service containers, tips on how to reduce waste, a plan and materials for you to promote the program to employees and visitors, and much more.

These programs are available to all Summit County businesses and institutions.

ReWorks assists businesses and institutions with sustainable waste management practices to reduce the amount of trash being thrown away at your facility, including:

  • Solid waste audits and analysis of the results
  • Waste contract review and guidance on how to structure an agreement to meet your needs

Commercial Single Stream Recycling

Commercial Single Stream Recycling

According to the National Recycling Coalition, the average American discards 7.5 lbs of garbage every day, putting pressure on our landfills, resources and environment. However, 60% of what we throw away can be recycled, rather than wasted or buried.

Reducing the amount of waste going to landfills has never been easier to achieve. Single Stream Recycling is the ability to recycle rigid plastics, cartons, glass, metal cans and mixed paper all in one container.

ReWorks' Single Stream Recycling Program offers the following services:

  • 95 gallon Cart
  • Training Session
  • Educational Toolkit (Poster, Informational Sheets)
  • Weekly Service (to qualified participants)

Contact ReWorks today to sign up or receive additional information.