About Reworks

Vision Statement

Summit County will be a "zero waste" community through leadership, education and engagement.

Mission Statement

ReWorks provides solutions and leadership to empower our community, institutions and businesses to develop and utilize environmentally sound, cost-effective recycling and waste management strategies.

Our History

The history of The Summit/Akron Solid Waste Management Authority (the "Authority") begins with the inception of Ohio's new solid waste law that became effective on June 24, 1988, H.B. 592.

Our History Details

The goals of H.B. 592 are to reduce the reliance on landfills and increase solid waste reuse, recycling, and waste minimization.

A County ordinance proposing the establishment of the Authority was introduced on March 6, 1989 and adopted on March 20, 1989. It was approved and enacted effective on March 28, 1989. The Authority was established in 1993 after the first solid waste plan was implemented.

It was the responsibility of the Authority to prepare the Solid Waste Management Plan with the interest of the health, safety and welfare of the Summit County residents in mind. The purpose of the Plan is to ensure that Summit County has at least ten years of acceptable solid waste disposable capacity, and to develop strategies for managing waste so that it will be prohibited from future landfill disposal.

The Authority is governed by a Board of 15 trustees representing the county, cities, townships, villages, the City of Akron, Health Departments, Mayor's Association and Citizen's At-Large.

The Authority is funded by a "generation fee" that is collected for every ton of waste that is generated within Summit County. The fee is $5.00 and is used to fund the on-going, as well as, new programs of the Authority.

In an effort to better deliver on our mission while building awareness of our vision, SASWMA began doing business as ReWorks in February 2013.

2017 Annual Community Report

View, download and/or print our 2017 Annual Community Report.

2017 Annual Community Report Details

2017 Annual Community Report
An overview of the previous year’s accomplishments, statistics and financials.

Solid Waste Plan

Revised plan for Solid Waste Management in Summit County.

Solid Waste Plan Details

The revised plan calls for continuing financial support for curbside recycling, boosting commercial recycling, and expansion of countywide recycling education.

The plan can be viewed and downloaded here.

Social Media Disclaimer

Social Media Disclaimer

Social Media Disclaimer Details

We welcome you and your comments on ReWorks’ social media sites. These pages are meant to present matters of public interest for ReWorks, including the many residents and businesses ReWorks serves. We encourage you to submit your questions, comments, and concerns, but please note these pages are moderated online discussion sites and not public forums. Once posted, ReWorks reserves the right to delete submissions that contain vulgar language, personal attacks of any kind, or offensive comments that target or disparage any ethnic, racial, or religious group. Further, ReWorks also reserves the right to delete comments that are: (i) spam or include links to other sites; (ii) clearly off topic; (iii) advocate illegal activity; (iv) promote particular services, products, or political organizations; or (v) infringe on copyrights or trademarks. Please note that the comments expressed on these sites do not reflect the opinions and position of ReWorks or its officers and employees.

Executive Board

Ilene Shapiro, Chair

County of Summit Executive
Alternate: Robert Genet

Mayor William Roth, Vice-Chair

City of Fairlawn
Alternate: Mayor Gerard Neugebauer

Diane Miller-Dawson, Secretary/Treasurer

City of Akron
Alternate: Cindy Donel

Mayor Daniel Horrigan, Trustee

City of Akron
Alternate: Jim Hall

Zack Milkovich, Trustee

City of Akron - Ward 10 Councilman
Alternate: Robert Harris

Tonia Burford, R.S., M.S., Trustee

Summit County Public Health
Alternate: Sam Rubens, R.S., M.P.A.

Mayor Bill Goncy, Trustee

Village of Boston Heights
Alternate: Mayor Rick Justice

Deborah S. Matz, Trustee

County of Summit
Alternate: Brian Nelsen

James Nelson, Trustee

Bath Township
Alternate: Paul Schweikert

Donna Skoda, M.S., R.D., L.D., Trustee

Summit County Public Health
Alternate: Aixa Bakuhn, R.S.

Alex Stakleff, Corporate Representative

University of Akron
Alternate: Autumn Russel

James Sheak, Corporate Representative

Röchling Automotive USA LLP
Alternate: William R. Sanderson, CIH

Brenda Fargo, Citizen-at-Large

Strategic Aggregation Consultants
Alternate: Louis P. Townsend

Nancy Ellis McClenaghan, Citizen-at-Large

Goodwill Industries, Akron
Alternate: Amanda Smith

Kim Edward Stanley, Citizen-at-Large

Struktol Company of America
Alternate: TBD

Reworks Staff

Marcie Kress

Executive Director

Shannon Arbogast

Office Coordinator

Andrew Linebarger


Carol Giulitto

Program Manager

Mila Susnjar

Education and Promotion Specialist